Our Story

During lockdown, our love for coffee spiralled into a full-blown obsession. That's when the idea took root—to take control of the coffee served in our café and embark on a roasting adventure. 


At LGco, consistency is everything. It drives what we do, ensuring that every cup of LGco coffee delivers. But it's not just about great coffee; it's about making choices that echo our commitment to sustainability and ethics. We partner with importers and farmers who share our values, putting these principles at the forefront of our mission.


Every coffee we roast is speciality-graded, scoring over 80 points out of 100. Quality is our currency, and it's why you won't find a Fair-Trade sticker on our bags. Our dedication to quality doesn't just elevate your coffee experience; it ensures farmers receive premiums significantly higher than Fair-Trade alternatives.


Our customers are the heartbeat of LGco. Whether you're exploring our café or partnering with us for wholesale, you're the reason we do what we do. Our team thrives on guiding you through our coffee selection. For our wholesale partners, our in-person deliveries guarantee that we're always within reach to answer questions and ensure the coffee you serve is consistently exceptional.


Beyond beans and brews, LGco is weaving community into the fabric of our journey. We will be announcing our first community project this year and cant wait to share the details. Every bag of coffee you purchase contributes to this empowering initiative.

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Join us at Level Ground Collective, where every cup is a testament to our passion for great coffee and a commitment to a better community.