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The Greenway: Letchworth’s loved runners’ route

Ask any runner or dog walker where the best place for a scenic stroll in Letchworth is, and their answer will be the Greenway. A circular route of 13.6 miles, the Greenway boasts fresh country air, stunning views and even a couple of spots where you can relax and enjoy a picnic if you like. 

A popular yearly event is the Greenway challenge. A self guided half marathon race of the Greenway route. The event draws huge, supportive crowds and usually happens around May. It starts at Standalone Farm, where families, supporters and anyone not running will have the chance to relax at the Greenway cafe and grab a tasty cup of Level Ground joe. If you’d like to take a look at how last year went, you can visit North Herts Road Runners page for highlights from the day here.

You can also check out the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundations’ page for everything there is to see on the Greenway here.

Now that Spring is round the corner, every Tom, Dick, and ‘Harry’ will be dusting off their running shoes and gracing the Greenway route for another reviving season. We mean this literally; Harry will indeed be lacing up his trainers and inviting runners of all abilities to join him every Sunday at 9am from March 3rd for a weekly 6k (or however far you fancy), starting from Vutie Beets/Level Ground co. If you need a little more encouragement, runners will get a whole 50% off their coffee upon their return. Be sure to pop in store or drop us a message if you’d like to come along. 

The other thing any runner in Letchworth will tell you about a running route, is that the best place to finish and take a load off is… Level Ground co. -the place where Harry’s run club will also end. 

With three espresso coffees on offer, and the option to try some of our guest brews on filter, it’s the perfect pick me up to pair with all those endorphins.

This is why we thought it rather fitting, that our newest coffee should be called ‘The Greenway’. It’s rolling in just in time to dust off those wintery cobwebs, and give you that well deserved, post (or pre) workout, caffeine buzz.

Caffeine: Gimmee that buzz

We’ve all been there, absolutely shattered and blindly reaching out to your barista, groaning like a zombie. That first sip of coffee hits your lips and you’ve transcended into awake heaven. Just me? 

Well, caffeine, although great on your average Monday morning slump, is also a fantastic friend to your workout routines. Studies have shown that drinking coffee can increase exercise performance, focus, strength, and speed. That’s right, Level Ground Co could be the location of your superhero origin story. 

To get all technical for you, caffeine is an ergogenic aid (a tool that athletes use to increase energy, performance and recovery). It’s also pretty fast acting, with results being felt anywhere between 5-30 minutes, which can be great if you need a quick spike before a workout. It’s also known to increase the chemical adrenaline, in your body which can help you perform better under pressure, say in a race scenario. What’s more, drinking coffee can actually delay your brain’s response to tiredness because of the way it interacts with your adenosine receptors. 

Now, we’re not saying this is for everyone. For some, caffeine can have adverse effects including trouble sleeping, migraine and an increase in tummy activity- you know what we mean- so it’s best to test out your tolerance to caffeine first if you’re not sure. 

The new kid: The Greenway

Flying in from Guatemala, our new speciality coffee, The Greenway, is a washed, arabica bean grown between an altitude of 1400 - 1700m. 

It has delicious notes of milk chocolate and toffee, with hints of peach and melon. The beans are washed and dried on patios under the sun, which are sometimes the roofs of houses that rest on the hillsides. What a picturesque scene to go hand in hand with our Spring season launch.

The beans are grown in a municipality called Huehuetenango which is in the western highlands of Guatemala. Specifically, the beans hail from a small co-operative working in the Chaloum growing region and are picked by hand. 

Although they are a small co-op, you can rest assured that their commitment to quality is paramount. They work with a larger union of cooperatives and in return get support, such as specialist agronomist (an expert in the science of soil management and crop production) input.

Similar to a Garden City, there is a real community feel, and the larger union even provide the workers with a free nursery for children under eight. 

This roast will be suitable for filter or espresso, making it the perfect go-to for any athlete (couch to olympics) wanting a pre-workout boost, or a relaxing pick-me-up at the end of a run. Head to Level Ground Co. now, or visit our website to buy and try it for yourself. 

Author - Natalie Pailing

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