First Christmas at Level Ground Co

First Christmas is a celebration of Level Ground Co’s first Christmas release and the birth of Harry’s son River 🎄☕ 

Coffee Details:

Origin: Blend from Honduras and Rwanda
Varietal: Catuai and Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
Notes: Chocolate, toffee, orange, and dried fruits.

This coffee has been roasted to work well with all brew methods—enjoy it black or with a splash of milk.

We love the Honduran coffee in this blend for its chocolately, toffee notes, however, the organic practices used on the Finca Liquidambar farm made it a no brainer for our Christmas Blend.

The Rwandan coffee in this blend is a red bourbon, processed at the Buf Café Nyarusiza washing station. The station is owned by Epiphanie Mukashyaka, a dynamic businesswoman. Epiphanie was widowed during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, instead of leaving the farm she decided to stay and rebuild, developing the business and her local community. The Buf organisation is also on a sustainability journey, realising the benefits of an increased plant flora, working closely with the Nyungwe forest to utilise rich soil and teeming bee communities to help improve their eco-friendly coffee production.  

The Rwandan coffee in this blend is super fruity, with notes of pure Christmas pudding. We did debate just releasing it on its own as our Christmas coffee, however, we wanted something more well rounded that could work with all brew methods. When it came to blending we thought either our house espresso a Brazil Natural or a washed Honduran as we wanted to really capitalise on their chocolatey, biscuit, toffee notes. It took us a while to find the right balance but think we have nailed this coffee. It works perfect as a milky flat white with chocolately nutty notes and a lovely dried fruitiness at the end. Black it tastes great and is very drinkable cup after cup as a filter. 

If brewing for espresso we recommend a simple 2:1 ration, we are currently running 18g coffee with 36g out in 30 seconds. For French press we would recommend roughly 17g coffee with a 50g bloom. Add an additional 200g boiling water and let steep for at least 3 minutes. Plunge and pour. Enjoy black or with milk.

This coffee could easily replace your current go to, its a great morning coffee. Sweet pastries really work well with this coffee bringing out its sweet fruity notes. 

Act fast! Come Christmas Eve, this festive blend will be off the shelves. Don't miss the chance to make it a part of your holiday celebration!

Swing by Vutie Beets for a bag of First Christmas or hop online to have the festive cheer delivered to your doorstep. 'Tis the season for coffee joy! 🎁☕ 


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